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18-22 High Street

The buildings located on the High Street have a rich history, having been occupied by RBS Bank for over 30 years. Their prominent position contributes significantly to the overall character of the conservation area. In line with our proposal, the first and second floors of the building were converted into four separate apartments, while the ground floor retained its commercial space.


One of the key aspects of the project involved the reinstatement of the three individual shop facades, complete with historic detailing. This meticulous restoration work aimed to enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of the conservation area. By bringing back the original charm and architectural features of the shop fronts, we sought to revive the historic character of the streetscape.


The local authority supported our proposal, recognising its positive contribution to the conservation area. Planning permission and conservation area consent were granted, allowing the project to move forward. The completion of the project took place in 2021, marking a successful transformation of the building and its integration into the fabric of the High Street.


Through this project, our practice demonstrated its commitment to preserving and enhancing the architectural heritage of the conservation area. By combining careful restoration work with contemporary residential conversions, we ensured the longevity and adaptive reuse of the building while respecting its historical context. The completion of the project serves as a testament to our dedication to creating harmonious and sustainable developments that contribute positively to the communities they inhabit.

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