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Grade II Listed Tower, Derbyshire


A comprehensive understanding of heritage assets forms the foundation of any design proposal, whether it involves a listed structure or falls within a conservation area.

Our methodology ensures that all proposals are well-defined and approach the project with honesty, from the initial concept to the finest detailing. We achieve this by employing traditional construction methods, contrasting approaches, or a combination of both, which not only fulfil the client's requirements but also contribute positively and enduringly to the heritage asset.


Working with heritage buildings necessitates a technical approach to construction that respects the historic structure, ensures its long-term sustainability, and delivers buildings that meet modern standards of excellence and sustainability.

Throughout the project stages, we adhere to three fundamental principles:


1. Understanding: Our practice possesses the expertise to assess heritage assets directly or collaborate closely with external heritage consultants. This deep understanding forms the basis of an evidence-based approach, enabling us to develop robust and thoughtful designs.


2. Communication: Clear and concise communication is paramount to ensure that clients, local planning authorities, and other relevant stakeholders comprehend our project approach. This facilitates the delivery of high-quality and successful proposals.


3. Execution: Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we demonstrate appropriate design decisions at every stage, from planning to on-site detailing. By providing comprehensive and straightforward construction information, we minimise risks and enhance the successful delivery of your project.

Our practice was founded on a rich heritage of working on projects of historic and national significance, resulting in multiple national awards. We consistently employ an honest and rational approach, respecting the heritage of each project, and this process and mindset permeate our day-to-day operations.


If you have a project working with a heritage asset than please contact the practice at to discuss the potential of your project.

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