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Our practice had the opportunity to collaborate with a local school in developing a master plan to enhance the utilisation of the playgrounds and surrounding landscapes within the school premises. The primary objective of this project was to reimagine and revitalise the underutilised spaces, creating environments that foster diverse and creative education and play, all while enhancing the overall ambiance of the school grounds.

One aspect involved the creation of a Children's Pavilion, which serves as a dedicated area for play and education. The concept design for the pavilion revolves around the utilisation of simple materials and construction methods. Not only does this approach enable the pavilions to be constructed by individuals with minimal construction expertise, but it also allows for adaptability in terms of different configurations. These variations can be tailored to the specific needs of a particular site, providing shelter or shade as required. Furthermore, the design accommodates different functions and uses within the structure, offering flexibility and versatility.

By employing straightforward materials and construction techniques, the Children's Pavilion becomes an accessible and inclusive space that encourages engagement, learning, and imaginative play. The design takes into consideration the diverse requirements of the school community, enabling the pavilion to cater to various activities and purposes.

Through this project, our practice aims to create an environment where education and play seamlessly intertwine, providing the students with stimulating and enriching experiences. The utilisation of adaptable and accessible design principles ensures that the Children's Pavilion serves as a dynamic and engaging space that contributes to the overall enhancement of the school environment.

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