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Modern Kitchen, Derbyshire


Homeowners often encounter frustrating challenges when embarking on a project, particularly when it comes to unclear cost estimates and project timelines. Lack of clarity during this stage often leads to unrealistic expectations regarding budget or what can be achieved during the planning phase.

As your architect, we prioritise being your representative and working closely with you to maximise both your available space and budget. While our title remains unchanged, our services are tailored to suit your unique project needs.


Concept Study - Buxton

Our practice provides transparent and realistic information from the start. We collaborate with you to fully understand the value that each aspect of the project brings to your home. We expertly manage the tender process to ensure the best quality and price. Throughout the construction phase, we offer comprehensive project assistance and guidance, ensuring your vision is realised every step of the way.

The process is split into three steps:

  1. Pre-Planning - Each project starts with a Feasibility Study to clearly set out the spatial brief, budget, and timescale for your project, since each home is different. This provides information about the process ahead and allows decision and risks to be understood from the early in the process.

  2. Design and Planning - Working closely with you to develop ideas that make the most of space, time, and money to optimise you home. Through careful consultation and updates, we ensure that the designs are suited to the way you want to live.

  3. Construction – Good communication ensures close contact with you and all the members of the team throughout the design and construction process. Our tailored approach carries right the way through the project, ensuring that your completed home is of the best quality possible.

Elevation Extension - Cookham
Internal View - Buxton

The practice undertakes a wide range of different residential projects from one off homes, extensions to existing dwellings and full refurbishments and conversions. Sustainable design is considered on all projects; however, the approach is tailored to the client’s needs, project, site, and any existing structure.


Several projects with challenging constraints have demonstrated the practice’s skills in delivering demanding projects. An approach that focuses on robust designs that respond to brief, site, and environment, which is then effectively communicated to demonstrate the appropriateness of the design.

If you would like to discuss your home (or future home) then please get in touch at

Internal Finishes - Derbyshire
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