SwoFo Architects was founded by Adam Swain-Fossey in 2017 and is a young and creative practice that delivers a bespoke design service to your project, be it large or small.


The practice is based on award winning experience that includes residential, civic, cultural, educational and commercial architecture. All of our projects have sustainability at their heart, an approach which is tailored to whether the project is a new build home, listed building, renovation or modern extension.


Good design comes in many forms, and our approach ensures that opportunities are well considered, resulting in clear and simple solutions, maximising the potential of our client's project.


We work closely with the client, consultants and the contractors to ensure the design is coordinated from concept to construction enabling a high standard of detailing and finish.


Based in Buxton, central to the Peak District, the practice encompasses the surrounding towns and cities including Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. We also work in Surrey, Berkshire and the Cotswolds.


We would love to hear from you; please use the contact details to discuss your project.

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We are always happy to discuss the individual needs of your project and pride ourselves on delivering an appropriate and efficient service tailored to you.


We offer a full range of architectural services including; feasibility & concept design studies, planning, tender, building control, technical design and construction phases. We also provide professional consultancy services, these include a design, building surveying and professional advice.


For many of our clients the projects are their homes and the construction process is not familiar to them. We recognize the importance of being a guide through the design, planning and construction process so that at all stages the client, design team and contractor are moving forward cohesively.


If you have a project and would like to discuss how we can best assist you then please use our contacts page.


Adam Swain-Fossey



After graduating with a distinction from The University of Nottingham in 2006 Adam joined Hopkins Architects.


At Hopkins Architects Adam delivered award winning projects, these included cultural, education and commercial projects. These projects involved listed and new buildings, environmental and sustainable designs and all have had encompassed high quality detailing and finish.


  • St George’s Chapel, Great Yarmouth

  • WWF UK, The Living Planet Centre, Woking

  • Newton & Arkwright Buildings, Nottingham Trent University

  • Brent Civic Centre, London

In 2015 Adam relocated to Buxton with his young family. Before setting up SwoFo Architects, Adam worked locally on predominately conservation projects, both listed residential and commercial projects.


Adam currently teaches at The University of Nottingham and he leads a sustainable teaching unit. The unit is focused on the exploration of sustainable communities and how we can re-imagine our built environment, not only to be ‘greener’, but also better places to live. He has previously tutored at the University of Greenwich, London.