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Collaborating closely with clients throughout the project, starting from the initial briefing stage, fosters a shared comprehension of the project's value in the short, medium, and long term. By establishing a comprehensive brief, we define a project approach that influences the site strategy, building design, and detailing, all of which reflect the client's aspirations.

We acknowledge that the services we offer as developers directly impact the potential of your project. Therefore, we prioritise transparent and open communication, ensuring certainty and clarity throughout the project's lifespan.


Our methodology delivers the following:


  • Early feasibility studies provide a clear understanding of the project's value and potential risks.

  • Our expertise in handling challenging and complex sites ensures reliable advice and design at every stage.

  • We maintain clear and transparent communication, providing honest and realistic timelines.

  • We tailor our communication to suit the needs of clients, planners, or funders, ensuring clarity and effectiveness.

  • Through our trusted network of consultants, we reduce costs and work with a team that adds value to your project.

To deliver these results, we follow a well-established methodology:


  1. Feasibility Study: We thoroughly analyse the constraints and opportunities of the site, drawing from our experience and knowledge to provide an early understanding of its potential.

  2. Communication and Strategy: We offer comprehensive communication and strategy plans that provide a clear grasp of the development opportunity, value, and associated risks. This enables you to plan effectively within appropriate timeframes.

  3. Value: By prioritising design-led projects, we ensure that all parties involved understand the true value of the project. We propose solutions that align with your budget and successfully deliver your vision.


Our practice boasts a wide range of commercial project experience. During Adam's tenure at Hopkins Architects, he successfully delivered various commercial projects for notable clients, including WWF-UK, Brent Borough Council, and British Land.

Contact to understand how the practice can make the most of your site.


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