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Commercial Office

The existing office and site accommodation presented a challenge as it had undergone extensive adaptations but needed modernisation to cater to the diverse needs of the staff and provide an enhanced visitor experience with improved access.


To address these requirements, a feasibility study was conducted, resulting in the development of an approach that focused on the reuse and reorganisation of the existing structure. This approach aimed to create clear and defined circulation within the space. Additionally, the proposal included the addition of a new modern entrance area that would welcome all users to the site.


Recognising the importance of a phased approach, the project will be implemented in stages to ensure the successful delivery of the proposals. This phased work strategy will ensure that the resulting workplace is robust and caters to the modern needs of the organisation, providing a comfortable and functional environment for staff and visitors alike.


By repurposing and reordering the existing structure, and incorporating a new entrance area, the project aims to transform the office and site accommodation into a contemporary and efficient space that meets the diverse needs of its users, while enhancing the overall experience and accessibility of the site.

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