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Eccles Pike

The new dwelling has been positioned to reflect and reinforce the existing relationship to the street, keeping in line with the frontage of the neighbouring properties. The building massing and form has also been considered to reflect the site massing of the street and slope of the site at the rear.


The proposed plans are for a compact detached dwelling with 5 bedrooms, maintaining a balance to the living space on the ground floor and reflecting the needs of the client’s young family.


The property provides a simple but well considered material palette. The articulated front and read gable are of a soft red brick, with expressed solider window lintels and cills.


The front elevation has a main roof slope that is expressed by a brick gable end that continues down to form the front entrance porch, articulated by a curved brick opening. The entrance door and window is articulated in a more human timber.  The window lintels, window cills and mullions are coursed brick to articulate the opening, this is reflected by the chimney and gable end details.

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