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Green Lane

Situated within a conservation area in Buxton, the existing 1930s detached house presented a unique set of challenges for the owners. While they had already converted a large reception room on the ground floor to accommodate their son's needs, there was still an issue with accessibility to the kitchen and dining area.


To address this, a single-storey extension was designed and added to the rear of the house. This extension serves as a kitchen and dining space, allowing the family to enjoy meals together and ensuring inclusivity for their son. The thoughtful design of the extension, along with internal alterations, has transformed the house into a more functional and accommodating home that meets the specific needs of the family.

The internal layout allows for clear circulation and delineation of functions within the extension. The elevational form of the extension is designed to reflect these different functions, contributing to the overall aesthetic while also breaking up the massing of the elevation. This approach creates a harmonious integration between the existing house and the new extension, respecting the asymmetry of the original structure.

By carefully considering the needs of the family and designing an extension that addresses their specific requirements, the practice has not only enhanced the functionality of the house but also contributed to the inclusive and inclusive living environment for their son. The design approach respects the conservation area context and ensures that the new addition complements the existing house while bringing a contemporary touch to the overall composition.

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