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Jodrell Arms Hotel

The Jodrell Arms Hotel holds significant historical and cultural value as a landmark and a gathering place for the local community. Our practice was trusted with the task of developing and delivering a response that respects and honours this importance while remaining considerate and contextually appropriate.

Given the site's designation as a grade II listed building and its location within a conservation area, special care was taken to ensure the proposal aligned with these requirements. The building's origins are believed to date back to the 16th Century, although subsequent reordering and poor-quality extensions have compromised its integrity. Regrettably, the hotel has been out of use since 2007.

Our proposal aims to retain the character and significance of the Jodrell Arms Hotel while providing modern and suitable accommodations that respond to environmental concerns and ensure a sustainable future for the pub and the local community. The design strives to strike a balance between preserving the historical essence of the building and incorporating contemporary elements that meet the needs of today's patrons.

Support for the proposal was garnered from the local authority, resulting in the granting of planning permission and listed building consent in 2022. This signifies that the design has been deemed respectful of the building's heritage and its surroundings.

The revitalisation of the Jodrell Arms Hotel holds the promise of preserving its importance within the local community while offering updated and environmentally responsive amenities that will ensure its longevity. The project exemplifies the practice's commitment to preserving historical significance while addressing the evolving needs of the present and future generations.

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