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Aston Hill Farm

The project involves the repurposing of existing unused barns within an established dairy farm and stone courtyard. These barns, no longer in agricultural use, present an opportunity for reuse as a wedding and event venue. By breathing new life into these structures, we aim to support the organic farm by diversifying its income streams.

Preserving the character of the barns while adapting them for their new function is a key aspect of the project. In addition to repurposing the existing barns, the proposals include a modest yet modern extension. This extension will house facilities necessary to support the new function of the venue, ensuring that guests have access to amenities such as restrooms, catering facilities, and storage areas. The design of the extension will complement the existing barns while incorporating contemporary elements that harmonise with the overall aesthetic.

By repurposing these unused barns into a wedding and event venue, we not only provide a new and attractive space for celebrations but also support the sustainability and diversification of the organic farm. The project aligns with our practice's commitment to adaptive reuse and creating spaces that honour their historical context while meeting the needs of modern functions.

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