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Robertson Road

By incorporating a single-story extension within the existing structure of the property, a modern living space is created, seamlessly blending with the original form. The design employs a simple palette of materials that harmonise with the existing external stone wall, which will be preserved. This preservation is complemented by the addition of an exposed timber roof structure and steel windows, enhancing the overall aesthetic.


The project successfully obtained Planning Consent for the modern extension within the conservation area. This signifies that the design meets the requirements for preserving and enhancing the architectural integrity of the surrounding environment.


The carefully considered use of materials, along with the retention of the existing stone wall and the introduction of exposed timber and steel elements, imbues the extension with a contemporary character that complements the historic fabric of the property. The result is a modern living space that coexists harmoniously with the existing structure, showcasing a successful integration of old and new within the conservation area.

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