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The proposal for connecting the home to the terraced garden considers the existing disconnect between the large, detached home and the lower-level garden. In order to address this, the design includes internal modifications to lower the ground floor, creating a smoother transition between the home and the outdoor space.


To bridge the gap between the home and the garden, an interim dining space is introduced. This space serves as a connecting element, providing a transition zone that allows for a seamless flow between the interior and the outdoor area.


Additionally, the proposal incorporates the existing garden structures to further enhance the living experience. These structures are repurposed and adapted to provide flexible living spaces, offering opportunities for various activities and functions.


Throughout the design process, careful consideration is given to balancing the repurposing and reordering of the existing home with the introduction of new elements. The aim is to improve the functionality and thermal performance of the home while creating a structure that enhances the overall use of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.


By combining these design strategies, the proposal seeks to create a harmonious relationship between the home and the terraced garden, allowing for a more integrated and enjoyable living experience.

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